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If you want to help the Shikokho Women's Group efforts to support the Shikokho Medical Clinic and better their community, you can contact a mission council member or any CCPC clergy staff.

Please consider donating:

  • Used eyeglasses (place in box in church conference room)

  • Small donations for medications for the clinic

  • Small donations for bicycles to transport supplies

  • CCPC Gifts of Hope Alternative Christmas Market

  • New or used children's books for the primary and secondary schools (place in book bins at church

  • New or used medical books for the clinic

  • Linens and blankets for the clinic

  • A camera or video camera and film

  • Sponsorship of a secondary school or community nursing school students for one year, for $160 or a primary school student for $50 for one year

  • Easy reading books for the local church library

  • Paper, pencils and art supplies

  • Start a pen pal relationship with an individual from Shikokho or a student

  • Write a letter of encouragement to the Shikokho Women's Group, P.O. Box 550, Khayega, Western Province, Kenya, east Africa
  • Shikokho is a mission of Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church (CCPC). Visit the CCPC web site.