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  Medical Clinic

CCPC has been involved in its health care ministry in Shikokho since 1989.

Since 1989, CCPC has built the Medical Clinic, Nurses' / Doctor's Quarters, and the Maternity Wing all run with solar power. CCPC members visited in 1995 to officially open the clinic with Kenya's Minister of Health. It is the first grass roots rural clinic built in Kenya in partnership with a U.S. church and a local women's group. The Kenyan government holds CCPC's medical effort there as a model for collaboration. Another mission trip is planned in 2003 to officially open the Maternity Wing.

Along with the approximately 1,200 residents of Shikokho, the clinic and maternity facility reaches a walking population of about 30,000. At this level of rural poverty, health insurance is unknown and unaffordable. Small payments for service or gifts to the clinic are received if a family has some means to do so. Otherwise, the care of two government supplied nurses and lab technician are provided without charge. Child welfare classes are provided at the clinic as well as visits to the area schools for vaccinations and educational assistance. The Shikokho Medical Clinic is a registered national vaccination center. All other activities of the clinic are provided by volunteer labor and leadership through the Shikokho Women's Group, the local villagers, and CCPC / Shikokho Secondary School scholarship recipients.

Medical Clinic

Receiving the Birthing Kit

Inside the Clinic

The Clinic Staff
Shikokho is a mission of Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church (CCPC). Visit the CCPC web site.