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  History of CCPC Activity
Construction and large project involvement:

• Construction of Shikokho Medical Clinic (SMC) 1989-1995

• CCPC Mission Trip to Shikokho to officially open the clinic (1995)

• CCPC Youth prepare medical boxes for Mission group to take to Shikokho

• Mission Group purchases $3,000 of medical supplies to take to Shikokho

• Purchase of solar panels in Nairobi for clinic operation during 1995 trip

• Construction of solar energy nurses' / doctor's quarters 1996 - 1998 (the Kenyan government would supply two nurses if housing were provided for them)

• Construction of solar energy maternity wing 1999 - 2003

• 2002 CCPC Pentecost offering for Secondary school textbook replacement (raised 9,500)
Gifts of Hope

Annual Christmas Gifts of Hope Market sends scholarship contributions for SSS & SPS students (3,000 to 5,000 each year) and contributions for bicycles for transportation (SSS has become a well known educational center as a result of this annual scholarship commitment)
Individual & group collaboration

• "Grace Baptism Gifts" launched for members who would like to make contributions to Maternity related activities at clinic during the time of their children's baptism

• Women of the church make wall hanging representing CCPC women and Shikokho Women's Group (SWG) collaboration - now hangs in clinic waiting room

• SWG members gave painting of African women to women of CCPC - now hangs in Chadsey Hall

• CCPC members donate used eyeglasses

• CCPC members donate books for library

• Several CCPC Women's Circles send scholarship contributions

• CCPC Hunger offering provides funds for establishing a rabbit project in village

• Several Pentecost offerings are shared with SMC

• CCPC youth groups donate towards scholarships for Shikokho Secondary School (SSS) and Shikokho Primary School (SPS) students

• Sent contribution to purchase autoclave and lab supplies and cell phone

• Peter & Julie Combes Bible Class sends contribution buying and maintaining clinic refrigerator (SMC becomes a registered vaccination center as a result of this fridge contribution)

• Sent contribution to repair Posho mill (corn grinding mill)

• CCPC member regularly sends manual sewing machines and typewriters to Shikokho

• (Shikokho Women's Group (SWG) received contract to sew school uniforms for SPS & SSS students as a result of this sewing machine contribution)

• CCPC contribution to cover salaries for 5 clinic staff (for 1 year) not covered by Kenyan gov

• CCPC member sent box of toothbrushes

• CCPC members purchase SWG crafts to raise money for Maternity wing

• CCPC member donated artistic prints for maternity wing walls

• CCPC member made baptism gift for purchase of birthing kit for maternity wing

• CCPC member organized senior citizens to make blankets for clinic

• United Nations Association of the National Capital Area recognizes CCPC and SWG for outstanding contribution to health and human rights

• CCPC hosts numerous visits by Andrew Miller and others to receive updates on our work in Shikokho

Shikokho is a mission of Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church (CCPC). Visit the CCPC web site.